Poison Blood, Book 4: Apocalypse

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Poison Blood, Book 4: Apocalypse ~ A Paranormal Urban Fantasy

"I thought I knew how it feels when loved ones keep secrets from you. Knew what it's like to have your life flipped upside down and spun on its axis. Really, I had no idea..."

Ellie has a mission. But she doesn't know where to start. Who to trust.

Everyone's kept secrets from her, but they all seem to find out about hers.

All she knows for sure is that she is the key to steering the world into a new era.

When faced with the ultimate betrayal, Ellie must rely on the very person that had steered her away from her rightful path.

The question is, is it now too late for Ellie to fulfil her destiny?

The fourth and final book in the Poison Blood series sees Ellie face her toughest challenge yet.

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~ What Readers Have Said About Poison Blood, Book 1: Revelation ~

"I loved all the twists and turns, unexpected friendships and acts of forgiveness. Some parts I was almost in tears and other parts I was having a quiet chuckle to myself, but above all, it was never boring.
I enjoyed every part of this series." *****


"Follows on from Poison Blood, Book 3 and carries on flawlessly. Well written and thought out characters. Definitely worth the read." *****


Book Details:  
Length: 71,000 words
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance / Teen Vampire Romance / YA Paranormal Fantasy / Young Adult & Teen Urban Fantasy / YA Science Fiction & Fantasy / Teen Action & Adventure
Mood: Dark / Humorous / Coming of age
Content: No violence / No sex scenes / No erotica
Audience: Teen / Young Adult / New Adult / Adult
Recommended for: Readers that love all things vampires, slayers and witches!

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